Need Food? 

We have a food pantry that is available to anyone in need.

It is open during business hours and an appointment is required by (402) 516-2678 and scheduling a pick-up.

Proof of identity and residency is required. If you need food, please give us a call.



Need Clothing?

Victory’s Clothes Closet has clothes that are in good condition in all sizes for anyone in need.  

The Closet has regular clothes giveaways where anyone can come and get free clothes.  If you need clothes, please call(402) 516-2678 during normal business hours or click here for announcements of upcoming giveaways.

Feel free to spread the word to those you know who may need clothes as well

Need Prayer?help-128

VFC has a committed group of people who are always there to pray with you for anything you need.

Click HERE to leave a request with out prayer team, or contact the church office during business hours.

In either way you communicate, please indicate if you would like us to contact you directly for prayer.  

Need Encouragement?

Sometimes all we need is someone to pick us up when we are down, and tell us what the good they see in us.

heart-12-128We believe encouragement can be the best medicine for an aching heart. If you simply need encouragement, we invite you to visit one of our events, and we will have a team of people pray for you.

Sunday mornings is also a great time to visit and receive encouragement on the spot, during designated portions of any service.