Life in the Family 


How do people connect with God?

How do people connect in Family?

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Welcome To VFC

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Every gathering at VFC is a family get-together. We celebrate the victories we have had, and we pray for the challenges. Most of all, we give praise to God who gives us the faith and courage to go on. One feature in our Sunday gathering is our table discussions. Following a fifteen to twenty minute message you will have the opportunity to participate in follow-up questions and have personal application around a table of eight family members. You can choose to participate in the discussion or just listen in.


Every week a service is prepared for your children of all ages in KidzConnect. These times are power packed with songs, dancing, playing, and a power packed message on their level.


Sunday 10 AM Worship & Main Service

Sunday 9 AM Bible Study (last Sunday of month corporate worship & Prayer)

Wednesday 6 PM Bible Study & Children’s Service